Sessions: 6 amazing 


Age: 8-11

Mode: Online

Welcome to the wonderful world of coding. Join us for a fun-filled 6-day session to learn about coding through blocks, puzzles, games, and challenges.

Achievements: Unique Certification and Working knowledge of coding.

Scratch Programming-Basic

Build a Mobile App

Age: 11-17

Sessions: 8 Brilliant


Mode: Online

Imagine if you could learn to build your very first app! The sky is the limit. Join us to uncover the secret tricks to building an app from scratch to something really extraordinary!

Achievements: Unique Certification and an understanding of building many mobile apps.

Sessions:4 exciting


Mode: Online

Age Group: 8-11 years 

Let's dive deeper to tackle some really cool puzzles and challenges to build logical skills and more importantly building your very own program!

Achievements: Unique Certification and a more inherent knowledge of coding.

Advanced Scratch Programming


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Age: 15 years

I had a lot of fun thinking about new ideas and how to think about marketing and taking my own decisions for my product with my friends.


Parents Speak
Mother of Ksheemanah

This course provides both technical skills and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in an engaging and child friendly manner.
 It teaches children at a very young age to propel  their ideas to success.


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Age: 12 years

The teacher was really nice. I liked that it was much more practical and there was really less theory. Some day I want to have my own startup